Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Disney Dollars....It's A Giveaway!

Disney Dollars... I have recently started collecting a few of these. I remember as a kid going to Walt Disney World and seeing a few of them. They mostly looked the same through the early years, but have taken off, and starting to become worth more then an American Dollar! Really! I have seen a few one dollars go for three to five American dollars. It seems everyone wants their hands on Disney dollars.
Mountain Dollars

Can't say I blame them, they are so unique. Each set, every year is different then the last. This years set is the different Mountains at Magic Kingdom. Space, Thunder and Splash. Each Mountain is worth one, five or ten. They design is amazing and I loved how they added Mickey on the back and on each of the rides. Who wants to spend something so awesome looking. 

Many have collections that holds 100s in Disney dollars. Disney Dollars were first issued in May 1987 and originally came in just $1 and $5 bills. In 1990, Disney added a $10 bill. Once back in
The $50 bill in 2005
2005, they added a $50 bill with Mickey Mouse. I have only seen a few of them online and they go for over $100 now.

The sets every year are always different then any of year and follow a theme. Last year they had a set of four dollars which were ones. They had different characters of them but only one became hard to find and the
The error dollar of 2013
value went up. The One Hundred and One Dalmatians was taken off after a few weeks. The word Dalmatians was spelt wrong...Dalmations. This made the bill harder to find and everyone tried to get their hands on the error dollar.

Where came you spend Disney Dollars? Disney Dollars are the official currency of Walt Disney World Resort, the Disneyland Resort and Disney Store locations and they came be used at all of them even cruises. Came be used for tickets, food, items and so much more. 

Want to purchase the Disney Dollars? There are 2 ways to order Disney Dollars before you arrive at Walt Disney World Resort: with a Credit card you can call (407) 566-4985 and select option 5.  Or mail your payment and the address to which you wish us to send your order to: P.O. Box 10140
Lake Buena Vista, FL 32830
For more information go here:  https://disneyworld.disney.go.com/faq/parks/ordering-disney-dollars/

Now the sweepstakes: If you would like to start your on collection of Disney Dollars you can enter here: the Winner will receive three Disney Dollars shown here... 

 You can win all there with entering below. Winner will be picked at Random with the Link. Starting June 6th at 12pm and end June 23rd 12pm.

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